10 Ways to say "Good job"

Here are 10 different way to tell your family that they are "good" at something.

1 Thank you for doing that.

2. You did it on your own.

3. How did you do that?

4. What is your favourite part?

5. I love watching you.

6. You kept going even when it was hard.

7. It makes you feel good to do this.

8. That took you a long time, and you did it!

9. You made it really big / small / colourful etc.

10. Say nothing.....just smile

Sometimes actions are more than words...people just need a smile or a hug so that they know that you saw them do something good. When you ask questions it gives that person time to explain how they did something.

Just watching your kids with a smile is often enough.

Select 1 way to say "good job" and email or text me with your thoughts.

Just one sentence!

Any suggestions for new lessons???


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