Class Outline

Hi Everyone!

Here is a bit of information about how the online class will work.


This is where any news/updates or any of the material that we will be reading or watching will be posted. I will post any material needed for the Zoom calls ahead of time.

ESL Library

You have all joined the online ESL Library class which is awesome! This will allow us to continue doing vocabulary and starting some discussion for the different topics that we choose. It is the same format that we have seen in class but modified for digital use. I will assign tasks for you and those can be completed online as well.

Zoom Calls

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 am, we will meet via Zoom where we can discuss the material for that week. An email will be sent to you, and after clicking the link it will redirect you to the meeting where you can join and we can speak over video/audio chat together.

Again, feel free to text or email me with any questions!