Coronavirus - Lesson #3

This lesson is reading. Please read the story. Answer the questions on a piece of paper. Take a picture of your answers and send them to me.


Barb has the Coronavirus. She has a fever. She has shortness of breath. She has a cough and she is very tired. She is quarantining herself from her family. She was on vacation and thinks she got Coronavirus when she was away. She is scared. She is doing what the doctors tell her to do. She wants to get better.

Questions: If you are Level 1, you may write short answers. If you are Level 2/3, you should write long answers.

1. What does Barb have? __________________________________________________

2. What are her symptoms? _______________________________________________

3. What does "quarantining" mean? ________________________________________

4. Where did Barb get Coronavirus? ________________________________________

5. What is Barb going to do? _______________________________________________

Please write down your answers and send them to me. You can email me at: or text/What'sapp me at 226-229-0059.