Door Decorating Contest!

Hi Everyone,

Spring has sprung and there are so many things/ways to celebrate this season and time of year. We just celebrated Easter and Ramadan has begun. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Many towns and cities are also showing support for their local front-line workers by using the colour blue. My town had a parade this past weekend and people stood on their front steps and clapped, displayed signs and cheered. These front-line workers are putting themselves between us and a very serious illness. We all owe them a great deal of gratitude and thanks.

I'm requesting that everyone decorate a door of your home, much like we did at the Adult Language and Learning Center for Christmas and Valentines Day. Your decorations can be as simple as a few blue hearts, or as detailed as you like.

You can attach a picture of your door for the contest in this comment section. Please add your name to the comment so we know who's responsible for the amazing decorating. You have until next Tuesday, May 12th to post your beautifully decorated door for judging.

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