Fun During Social Distancing!

There are many fun things you can do with your children to pass the time while you are social distancing!

Read the ideas below:

1. A Garden: let the kids plant seeds in a pail or help you in the garden

2. Car Wash: you need a pail of soapy water, a pail of clean water, toothbrushes, and towels - let the kids wash all of their toys like they were in a car wash

3. Fire Drill: how fast can everyone leave the house and meet in the backyard?

4. Measurements: kids measure their toys and fill out a chart

5. Sip/Drink Water: how many sips/drinks does it take to drink the same sized cup?

6. Freeze small toys in an ice cube: let the kids try to get the toys out of the ice

7. READ READ READ : let everyone read from the same book

8. 20 pieces of Lego : kids can build something only using 20 Legos

9. Children’s Movies: great for learning English and spending quality time with the kids

10. Videos: make a video of the kids - with your phone/camera

11. Chart: set up a chart with things to do during the day (look on Pinterest!)

12. Art: drawing/painting/yarn/stones/beads - depending on age

13. Scavenger Hunt: Outdoors/Indoors/Room (Copy the chart below)

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