Lesson #1: How to safely grocery shop during Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Listen to the video and write down ten words in your notebook that are new to you. Here are the words that I thought might give you guys some troubles:

a) risky

b) marketplace

c) techniques

d) sterile

e) glitter

f) antiseptic wipe

g) sanitize

h) disinfectant

i) saturated

j) scrub(bing)

k) contamination

l) hearty

m) liberal(ly)

n) porous

o) foraging

p) destabilize

Now use your dictionary or phone to help you decide what part of speech each of these words is. Example; risky=adjective

After you have decided the parts of speech, use each word in a sentence. Please email me your sentences when you are all finished.


Good luck with your first online lesson and keep checking back for more lessons in the future.

Take care of yourselves and each other. 😎