India newborn twins named Corona and Covid after virus

Read the story below and answer the questions.

Parents wanted their names to be 'memorable and unique' after their son and daughter were born during India's nationwide lock down.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were born at a government hospital in the state capital Raipur on March 27, 2020.

The couple said the names would remind them about the hardships they faced during the lock down. The successful delivery was in a government hospital last week.

The couple said there was pressure, from family elders and they could change their decision later and rename their children.

The couple from India were very happy that their children were born healthy during this difficult time.


1. When you first read the title what did you think?

2. Did this story make you smile. Why?

3. Do you agree with what mom and dad did?

4. Do you agree with the family about changing the names?

5. Do the children have to live with these names for the rest of their lives?

Beautiful no matter what their names are. Corona means "crown". Does anyone know what Covid means?


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