Lesson #10 Canada Day

It's our last week of classes here at Adult Language and Learning. It was great to have a good turn out of students today during our finial Zoom meeting of the term. Thank you to all the students who have continued to work hard and persevered(struggle to improve)through these difficult times. It has been a weird few months dealing with this pandemic and so many changes to our normal routines. I really applaud you all for your determination!

Now it's time for summer and some much needed relaxation. And what a better way to kick off the summer than by celebrating Canada Day! Technically, summer starts on June 20th, but for many Canadians Canada Day and July 1st is when it really feels like summer. It's the first long weekend of the season and for many this year it will be the first time that they have a chance to see family and friends in person since the pandemic started.

Obviously we still need to practice social distancing and continue to protect ourselves and our families. But with the number of people allowed in gatherings being increased to ten people this means that families can come together again. For me Canada Day is usually celebrated by barbecuing and swimming in my sister's pool.

In the ESL Library lesson I have assigned you will learn the history of Canada Day, how it came to be and what other Canadians do to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy this final lesson. I also hope you all have a safe summer and enjoy this time with family and friends.

Until September, Peace, Love and Happiness.



Click here for a Canada Day video