Breathing works...we only think about one thing at a time and do one thing at a time.

Going for a walk...a perfect exercise...free...you could loose some weight...and it gives you time to think.

Change your screen saver to something calm. Maybe fish swimming, maybe a waterfall, a picture of your country, snow ( if you love snow....lol)

Fireplace channel on the tv. Some may have this. If you don't then turn off the tv and enjoy the quiet.

Play music. All different kinds of music. What you like. What the kids like. What your teenagers like. Hear what they hear.

Exercise together. Each time you exercise together have a different person lead you. Do what the kids do. They know how to stay in shape.

Time Alone. You don't always have to be together. As long as the parent knows where the children are and they are safe you can have some quiet time. For example: Mom reading outside....dad going for a walk...kids laying on their bed reading...baby taking a nap.

Boring is OK. If is ok to be bored. Not all the time but sometimes. Let the family have "Free" time of just doing nothing.

Talking to Family - on the phone, Skype or whatever you use

Read Read READ : this is so important guys... remember to read out loud so you can hear your own voice.

Positive people: try to stay around others that are calm and in a positive mood. It is ok to be upset or angry...but not all the time.

Smile - remember when we smile we fool our brain that we are happy...

Laugh out loud - listen to your children giggle...laughing is as good as medicine!

If at anytime you feel overwhelmed ( too much in my life right now). Call your settlement worker. Talk to a friend. Get help if you need it. It is ok..

Look who is always smiling... Can you guess who these 3 sisters are??? Text me with your answer.


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