Modal Verbs: Introduction

Modal verbs (can, could, must, should, ought to, may, might, will, would, shall) are modal auxiliary verbs that express ability, necessity, obligation, duty, request, permission, advice, desire, probability, possibility, etc.

Modal verbs express the speaker's attitude to the action indicated by the main verb.

She can drive. (ability)

I must go. (strong necessity)

You should call him. (advice)

Could you help me with this report, please? (request)

You may stay here. (permission)

I would like to see her. (desire)

He might leave soon. (possibility)

He must be at the tennis club now. (strong probability)

Please read the above information.

Write 10 sentences in your notebook.

Text me 2 sentences using a modal. Keep the sentence simple.

Please go to the site and I have 2 lessons for you to complete.

The present modals are a bit easier than the past modals.

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