Oh Canada

We are changing as a country! But the history of Canada will never change.

Answer the questions below in your notebook: Please write out the questions

with the answers.


Email to una2ndchance@hotmail.com how you feel Canada has helped you

during this virus. Or how you feel Canada hasn't done enough. Just a couple

of sentences.

1. Canada's population is _________________________________________.

2. Name one eastern province _______________________________________.

3. How many Great Lakes are in Canada? ________________________

4. Name a central province ______________________________________.

5. Capital of Canada is ___________________________________________.

6. How many seasons does Ontario have? _________________________________.

7. The Population of Ontario is __________________________________________.

8. The Capital of Ontario is ___________________________________________.

9. The Premier of Ontario is _____________________________________________.

10. Who is the PM of Canada? ____________________________________________.


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