Oh Canada #7

Here are 20 questions. Give yourself 30 minutes. Check your answers in your Citizenship Book or on line. Text me with your results. Good Luck!

1. Who were the United Empire Loyalists?

a.Settlers who came to Canada from the United States during the American Revolution.

b.Aboriginal peoples.



2. When is Canada Day and what does it celebrate?

a.June 15 of each year to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation.

b.August 8th of each year to celebrate the joining of British Columbia to Confederation.

c.We celebrate the anniversary of Confederation July 1st of each year.

d.May 21st of each year to remember Queen Victoria.

3. Name two fundamental freedoms protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

a.Freedom of conscience and religion, and Freedom of association.

b.Equality rights, and to care for Canada's heritage.

c.Basic freedoms, and obeying laws.

d.Aboriginal peoples' rights, and to volunteer.

4. Which province in Canada is the smallest in land size?

a.Nova Scotia.

b.Prince Edward Island.

c.Yukon Territory.

d.Newfoundland and Labrador.

5. In what industry do most Canadians work?

a.Natural resources




6. What country is Canada's largest trading partner?


b.United States of America.



7. What is the name of the Governor General?

a.David Johnston.

b.Elizabeth May.

c.Dalton McGuinty.

d.Julie Payette

8. What do you call a law before it is passed?

a.A New law.

b.A Proposed law.

c.A Bill.

d.A New proposal.

9. What did the Fathers of Confederation do?

a.They worked together to establish a new country, the Dominion of Canada

b.They were explorers who formed an expedition to survey Northern Canada

c.They formed a republic state in Canada

d.They were a group of politicians that tried to unite Canada to the United States

10. What is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada and his/her party?

a.Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party).

b.Stephen Harper (Conservative Party).

c.Thomas Mulcair (New Democratic Party).

d.Christie Clark (Liberal Party).

11. What was the Women's Suffrage Movement?

a.The effort by women to achieve the right to vote.

b.The effort by women to participate in military service.

c.An unsuccessful movement to get husbands to do housework.

d.The effort by women to be in Parliament.

12. Who have major responsibilities on First Nations reserves?

a.Band chiefs and councillors.

b.Municipal governments.

c.Provincial and territorial governments.

d.Federal government.

13. What is Canada's national winter sport?


b.Nordic skiing.



14. What is meant by the equality of women and men?

a.Men and women are equal under the law.

b.Men and women must both do housework.

c.Women may now go to school and enter the professional workforce.

d.A woman may now become Prime Minister.

15. Who are the founding peoples of Canada?

a.Métis, French and British.

b.Aboriginal, Métis and British.

c.Inuit, Aboriginal and British.

d.Aboriginal, French and British.

16. Who is considered the father of Manitoba?

a.John A. Macdonald

b.Sam Steele

c.Alfred Boyd

d.Louis Riel

17. What is the difference between the role of the Sovereign and that of the Prime Minister?

a.The Sovereign is Head of State, the Prime Minister oversees provincial policies.

b.The Sovereign is the guardian of Constitutional freedoms, the Prime Minister selects the Cabinet ministers and is responsible for operations and policy of government.

c.The Sovereign links Canada to 52 other nations and the Prime Minister is the guardian of Constitutional freedoms.

d.The Sovereign is the symbol of Canadian sovereignty and the Prime Minister is her aide.

18. Name two responsibilities of the provincial and territorial government.

a.Citizenship and Foreign Policy

b.Health and Education

c.Defense and Currency

d.Criminal Law and Interprovincial Trade

19. What year did Newfoundland and Labrador join Canada?





20. Which port is the largest and busiest in Canada?

a.The Port of Halifax

b.The Port of Montreal

c.The Port of Vancouver

d.The Port of Victoria


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