Slang Words

Yo! What's up? Whatcha doin'? What's happenin'?

Typing slang words feels extremely unnatural and much better spoken, but we will practice anyways!

Here is a list of slang words that may or may not be familiar to you:

  • 1. Crash

  • 2. Shotgun

  • 3. Creep

  • 4. Buck

  • 5. For real

  • 6. Knock something/someone

  • 7. Sweet

  • 8. Zonked

  • 9. Jonesing

  • 10. Bail on someone/something

  • Bonus: Amped

Take a look at these words and see which ones you have heard or seen before. Try and explain them in your own words before you look up the ones you are unsure of like we usually do in class.

This YouTube video explains these words and gives you examples of different contexts/uses.

** It is titled American Slang Words, but these are all common in Canada as well and are used regularly.

Once you have a relative understanding of the words, I'll ask you to incorporate them into sentences which we can read and discuss at the next Zoom meeting as we would in the classroom.

Here is one more short YouTube video you may be interested in watching too - kind of funny and will make these ones memorable!