Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Lessons for Social Distancing

Lesson 1

Read this poster about social distancing.

The poster gives us information about what social distancing means.

Answer the questions about social distancing in the exercise below.

Social Distancing Poster Questions

Choose the correct answer.

1. The green light means

a. You should stay home with your family.

b. You should watch tv with your children.

c. You should not stay inside.

2. The yellow light means

a. You should never buy food from a restaurant.

b. You should keep a distance from others when you buy food.

c. You should use a knife and fork when you eat.

3. The red light means

a. You should take your children to the park to play with other children.

b. You should keep your children away from other people.

c. You should teach your children to be friendly.

Answer these questions. Write your responses on a piece of paper.

4. What modal verb is used in the answers above? _______________________

5. What is the subject in all of the answers above? _____________________

6. Check your answers using the Answer Key below.

7. Copy the correct answers for questions 1-3 on your page. Print neatly and make sure you spell the words correctly.

8. Tell someone in your family what the poster about social distancing means.

9. The picture at the top of this page shows you that you should stay 2 metres away from people when you must go out. Do you keep a 2 metre distance from others?

Answer Key 1a, 2b, 3b, 4 should, 5 you

Lesson 2

Watch this Video

How social distancing can prevent the spread of COVID-19 (The National on CBC News)

The video gives us lots of information about social distancing.

1. Watch the video (above).

2. Read the information (below) that was presented in the video and complete the activities.

Read the Information.

How social distancing can prevent the spread of COVID-19

(Information presented in the CBC News Video)

1. Putting at least 1 metre between you and others. (2 metres is better)

2. It is not easy to keep distance between you and others in crowded situations.

3. Keeping a distance can make a difference if done early enough.

4. The virus moves very quickly and that’s why we have to work on slowing it down.

5. Singapore and South Korea have large numbers of infections, but they are keeping people apart.

6. Singapore and South Korea have no big gatherings.

7. They even have drive-through virus testing.

8. Unlike Italy, neither country has locked down its residents, but the pace of outbreak has slowed down.

9. Researchers say Canada could also slow down the virus by social distancing.

10. Research suggests that even if we could find and isolate all the mild cases of the virus, half of Ontario residents could still become sick.

11. But, with social distancing (working from home, schools closings, cancelling sports events, concerts and conferences) the number of new infections can drop significantly.

12. That would allow hospitals to keep up with the number of sick patients.

13. Social distancing, alone, can’t solve the problem but it is a big help.

14. As a community, we need to think about what we do and avoid close contact with other people.

15. Keeping away from others causes problems socially for us.

16. It is also bad for our economy.

17. However, social distancing is necessary.

18. Social distancing will save lives.

Do the Activities

Activity 1

Read the sentences above to yourself. Use your cell phone to look up words you do not understand.

Read the sentences to yourself 3 more times. (Each time you read, you will understand the information better.)

Activity 2

Underline all of the high frequency words in the sentences. (You can use your list of the 300 most common words in English, if you have it. If you don’t have the list, you can try to remember the high frequency words we have studied.)

Activity 3

Change sentences above to give advice. Use the modal verb “should”. (Use your own paper for writing.)

I will put the number used for a sentence (above).

Write the idea expressed in that sentence but, use the word “should”.

For example:

Sentence Number 1: You should keep 1-2 metres away from other people.

Now, you try it.

1. Sentence Number 3: We should __________________________.

2. Sentence Number 4: We should __________________________.

3. Sentence Number 9: Canada should __________________________.

4. Sentence Number 14: As a society we should __________________________.

Activity 4

Check your answers.

Answer Key 1.We should keep a distance. 2. We should work on slowing the virus down. 3. Canada should slow down the virus by social distancing. 4. As a society we should think about what we do and avoid close contact with others.