Social Distancing

Part A: Please watch the video. It is a lesson about social distancing.

Part B: Assignment #1: True and False Questions. Please write a T for True or F for False. Remember that True means YES and False means No.

1. A wave is good instead of a hug. T/F

2. It's OK to go to a restaurant and eat food. T/F

3. You can take your family to the grocery store. T/F

4. Your children can play with other children. T/F

5. You can use WhatsApp to talk to friends. T/F

Part C: Assignment #2: Read the story and answer the questions.

Sandy is married. She has 4 children. Nobody in her family has the Coronavirus. Her children wanted their friends to come and play. She said they could come and play. Her neighbour told her it's not OK for the friends to come and play. Sandy was upset. She is tired of her children. She wants them to be happy with their friends. But, Sandy knows that it is a rule from the government. She told her children that their friends can not come over to play. She set a time so they could see their friends on FaceTime. This made her children happy. This made Sandy happy because her children were happy.

Question #1: How many children does Sandy have? ______________________________

Question #2: Does Sandy's family have the Coronavirus? _________________________

Question #3: Who told Sandy that the friends could not come and play? _________

Question #4: Why can't the friends come and play? ______________________________

Question #5: What did Sandy do instead of the friends coming to play? __________

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