Social Distancing is now 6 feet / 2 metres

Read the story and answer the questions:

Many young people think they they cannot get the virus. They think only old people can get Covid 19. Coronavirus is real for everyone, any age, anywhere! The virus has put young people in the hospital for weeks and some have even died.

Young people need to follow the rules for social distancing - 6ft/2m. If you don't follow the new rules you could get fined or get someone else sick - even your family!

Answer the Questions in your notebook:

1. How old are the "young people" that they story talks about?

2 How do you like social - distancing?

3. Why don't the young people want to follow the rules on social distancing?

4. Why do the young people think they are invincible?

5. How has Covid 19 changed your life?

6. Are you worried about Covid 19?

7. The government is fining people who don't follow the rules a $1000. Do you agree with this?

8. List 3 emotions you felt when reading this story.

9. Is it easy to stay 6 ft. away from other people?

10. What will our country look like in 6 months? List 3 changes.

EMAIL ME @ with your answer to #8 and # 10

Gotta social distance away from the grass...I don't like it!

Stay safe stay home laugh read relax

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