Storytime: A New Farm

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hi Class:

I have a story for you, and some questions to answer.

Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

Play the story at this link.

After you listen to the story, please answer the questions.

Here are some more questions.

1. When did the Krahns move to Ontario?

a) 2 years ago

b) 4 years ago

c) 6 years ago.

2. Anna is excited because she is getting:

a) her own house.

b) her own job.

c) her own car.

3. Abe's dream is coming true because:

a) he is buying a car.

b) he is getting his own farm.

c) he is having a birthday party.

4. What is Abe's wife's name?

a) Sarah

b) Claudia

c) Anna

5. The soil is rich in:

a) Mexico

b) Quebec

c) Ontario

Use this link to answer the questions and see your grade.