They're, There, Their! Which word will you use? Quiz!

They’re over there with their kids.

These words sound the same.

What is the difference?

They’re = They are

They’re going to school.

They’re cooking dinner.

They’re happy.

They’re not here yet.


There could be used for:

1) a place; It could be a place. Let’s go there.

2) a pronoun: There is something happening in the park,

3) an adverb: He is over there. Stop there. Go here or there.


Their means ownership or belonging. (3rd person plural)

Susan and Lisa own the car. The car is their car.

They have 10 books. Their books are on the table.

They live in a house. This is their house.

Which word will you use?

1. If the word means ownership or belonging, use "their".

2. If you could use “they are”, use "they’re".

3. If not 1 or 2, use "there".