School is cancelled until the fall. We must take things seriously

Today it was announced by the Premier of Ontario that school is cancelled until the fall. We will find out at a later date the exact time when we will be able to go back to school.

We have to be safe. Here are some of the things that I am doing.

Complete the sentences.

If time write sentences containing modals - can/can't must might

could/couldn't should/shouldn't

The virus is getting serious.

1. I have to be very very careful because__________________________

2. I must wash my hands because ___________________________________________

3. I must stay 2 meters / 6 feet away from others because _______________________

4. I must think that because other people look healthy that they

still might have the virus inside of their body so __________________________________

5. I might have the virus inside of me and not get sick so ________________________

6. I must stay in my home and not go to a family or friend's home because __________________

7. I cannot meet my friends outside in a group because _________________

8. I should tell other people to "back up 6 feet please" if they get too close to me because ________________________

9. I must relax and stay calm because ___________________________________

10. I should continue learning and helping my students online because___________

This is a picture of my husband's brothers and sisters.

Can you pick out my husband????

Text me if you know....519 358 6997

Good Luck


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