Welcome To Career Connect!

I hope you are healthy and doing the best you can during these challenging times. I know many of you are probably busy attending to the needs of your children and that is time consuming! But what are you doing for yourself? Some of you will have jobs to go back to; some of you won’t. For sure, the world will be changed in some ways. What are you doing to prepare? I know many of you have been thinking that somewhere along the line, you would like to start your own business. This is the time to get working on that. If you are looking at a change in workplace or career, what are you doing about it? It’s easy to get lost in these long days and just be in survival mode. I have found getting to work on this project and learning all this new technology (to me, anyway) has helped to frame some of my time and at the end of the day, I feel I have accomplished something, even if it is very small.

I thought this might be a way for us to stay in touch. I plan to publish some articles that I think you might find useful. If any of you are updating your resumes or thinking of changing jobs and you want to change info on your resumes, you could send them to me and we could review them together. I thought I might throw some interview questions out there just to keep your interview skills sharp and ready when needed. We could use platforms like Zoom to get on-line together at an identified time for a group chat. You could also do one-on-one practice interviews with me.

I will publish some articles to get us started, but if you have any ideas on how we can work together, or topics you would like information on, you can let me know through this site. I know we have a lot of tech people in the crowd and I welcome your suggestions and comments on delivery.

These are tough times but they are also opportunities to reinvent and regroup.

Please be safe. Please be well. And please let me know how I can help you be successful.